Jan 2-2014

Well 2014 has arrived and once again its all go at North Offroad.

We will be at Donnington Indoor 4x4 Show on 16th February, so if you're headed there and there is anything you want us to bring then let us know and we'll be happy to bring it down for you.

Look out for the new North Offroad challenge truck this year as we're hoping to get to as many events as we can, you never know there maybe a new NOR competition in the offing!! 

Welcome to North Offroad!

Having purchased North Offroad in July 2013, from its founder Shaun Steel, we (Malcolm and Christine) are slowly but surely bringing the brand back into the public eye and into the market place. 

The company has an excellent set of customers, many of whom are repeat customers and because of this we are confident that the business will continue to grow and develop.

We are happy for people to collect their goods in person, this gives you the chance to meet us, see what we're currently working on and hopefully the chance of repeat business.



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